How to raise the limit of 999999 Content Elements?

If you activate Content ID automatic generation in Oracle Content Server (both versions 10 and 11), you’ll find 6-digit numbers are being generated. That limits the maximum number of content items to 999999, which is too short on most production systems. There are 2 ways to solve this limit. They Read more…


Localization Files in Oracle Content Server 11g

This is not a well-documented thing. Translation to different languages is done through system component “Localization” and we should look for the files in its resource directory: <Middleware_Home>/Oracle_ECM1/ucm/idc/components/Localization/lang/<language code> . My advice is to take a look to all the files to check what’s inside them, but probably, the most useful one of them is ww_strings.xlf, which contains many of the interface strings, as well as the localized values for metadata “Content Type”. These files are XML and you can edit them with the editor of yoour choice.

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