How to raise the limit of 999999 Content Elements?

Published by Roberto Nogueras on

If you activate Content ID automatic generation in Oracle Content Server (both versions 10 and 11), you’ll find 6-digit numbers are being generated. That limits the maximum number of content items to 999999, which is too short on most production systems.

There are 2 ways to solve this limit. They can be combined so you can use both:

  • Increase the number of digits of Content ID. For that, we have to open the “Administration” menu, and select the option “Server Admin” . In the page that shows, we have to click on “General Configuration” in the left-side menu and we need to edit “Additional Configuration Variables” at the bottom of the page. I that text area we have to add a line like this: : AutoNumberWidth=12 , being 12 the number of digits you want for the Content ID.
  • Add the Check-In date as a prefix before the number. For that, we should add this expression in the “Auto Number Prefix” option in the same “General Configuration” screen: <$formatDateWithPattern(dateCurrent(),”dMMyyyy”)$>_

After any of these changes, a server restart is needed. Best Regards and I hope you’ll find it useful 😉


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