Tutorial: Content Replication between 2 Oracle Content Server instances

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Content Replication in Oracle Content Server is one of those “not-so-well-documented features”. It’s mentioned in the product documentation, but it’s not so easy to find a step-by-step tutorial, and that’s what I tried to do. For this example, I’ve setup 2 instances in the same machine: Test1(source) and Test2(target). First step is to start the “System Properties” Application in Test2 and define a new proxy password. We should also make sure that “IP Address Filter” property allows connections from Test1 Machine.

Next step is to create an outgoing provider in Test1. Click in the “Providers” option in the administration menu and add a new “Outgoing” Provider

This are the configuration details for the provider. Please note that the password is the instance proxy password defined previously and Server Port is the IDC socket server port for Test 2. (defined with the IntradocServerPort configuration variable). We must restart the server after creating the provider. You can test the new provider using the link on the right side.

]Now, let’s create the target archive in Test2. We should open the “Archiver” for this instance. We should click the “Register Self” button under the “Replication” tab and check the “Targetable” option under “Transfer To”.

Back to Test1, open the “Archiver” for this instance. Select “Open Archive Collection”. Click on “Browse Proxied” button, select “Test2” server and the only collection in it.

Still in Test1 “Archiver, select “Replication” tab and check “Export Automated”. You should also add Test1 as Registered Exporter. In the “Transfer To” tab, activate the option “Is Transfer Automated”, click the Edit button under “Transfer Destination” and select the “Replication Import archive from instance Test2.

That’s all. To test replication, we can Check-In some content in Test 1 (belonging to Public Security Group) and check if it’s replicated to Test2. I hope this tutorial has been useful for you.


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